'Choreographer Anthony Lo-Giudice employs a distinct dance language that is clean and technical but also affected by gestures of the head and torso that allow his dancers to claw and writhe through the space, wonderfully interpreting half human half beast type creatures. Powerful and dominant choreography suggesting passion, danger and the ever presence of war within humanity’  

Michelle Harris, Resolution Festival 

'Anthony Lo-Giudice’s dancers hurl themselves across the stage in a dazzling display of robust athletic prowess...they attack the choreography like Vikings in battle, as if in one continuous, voluptuous wave’ 

 Josephine Leask, The Independent

'Lo-Giudice, part of whose training was at The Royal Ballet School, gives his four dancers a balletic vocabulary of upright body, extended arms and legs. But in his use of ‘contact work’ he also has a female dancer lead a male partner about the stage by his thumb, which she holds in her mouth. Elsewhere the dancers spin like dervishes, or support each others’ heads with their hands...my money would be on Anthony Lo-Giudice as the  bankable choreographer.'

   John O’Dwyer, Seen and Heard International