In a world where one mans blood is another mans elixir, Lo-Giudice Dance conjures a nameless beast lurking in the folklore, history and soil of the North, channelling its wild romance and mystery into a work in which dancers perform heart pounding choreography to the music of Einar Selvik.

Interweaving themes of carnal lust and the divine, brutal ferocity and the human soul, dancers knot physical and emotively powerful dance theatre with heart stopping sound to create a sensual and spiritual experience, taking stories and runes from ancient wet stone, forgotten manuscripts and mystical ceremony... catapulting them into audiences eyes, ears and souls.


Creative Team

Choreography: Anthony Lo-Giudice
Rehearsal Direction: Debbi Purtill
Dancers: Robert Anderson, Mary Mannion, Alicia Collette Meehan, Alex Rowland, Cora Jay Williams
Photography: Scott Miller
Music: Einar Selvik / Wardruna
Lighting: Amy Kerr
Costume: Maureen Ghallager
Producer: Rosie Watt with Spin Arts

Made with support from:
Queens Hall Arts Centre
Northumberland Arts Development