la primavera - successful funding from

arts council England 

MARCH 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Lo-Giudice Dance have successfully secured funding from Arts Council England to develop the first stages of our 2018-2020 production of La Primavera (working title).

During this stage of the project, the company will be joined by esteemed mentor Vivien Wood as we embark on the R+D of the work, as well as developing national and international audiences through a series of performances and engagement activities.
A warm thank you to those who have supported us and have made this opportunity possible. We look forward to taking this work into the future and keeping you updated on our journey! March 2018

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LA PRIMavera - A DANCE CITY commission

jan 2018

Kicking off the new year, we are thrilled to announce Dance City will be providing commissioning support to us in the first stages of developing our 2018/2019 production ‘La Primavera’ (working title).

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SEP-DEC 2017

Anthony will be teaching as part of Dance City’s professional class timetable this term.  Click on the image for further information including dates. 

All classes are from 09:30-11:00 and are free to attend.

Anthony teaches a physically choreographed and momentous class focusing on the shifting body through the articulation of the torso, mind and breath.
This class is designed to utilise the floor and draws origins from classical, release and gaga techniques whilst allowing room for flow and individual experimentation.

Image credit: Alexander Dolovov for Contemporary dance festival "Zelyonka Fest", Ukraine.




Our 2017 production of Savages will be touring the North of England this Spring. For further information, click on the opposite image. 

Savages is supported by Arts Council England, Dance City, Queens Hall Arts, Northumberland Arts Development and is produced by Spin Arts Management. 


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