L'uomo is a study on love and belonging between two men.

Caught between a place where delicate exchanges of affection and moments driven by the heart-felt become entangled with the discomforts of prejudice, L'uomo meditates on the tensions men can face when showing affection to one another.

'Heart-achingly beautiful.' - Curious Festival 2018










'I always struggle writing reviews like these, for performances that truly blew me away, because it feels to be doing a disservice to the art to put it into words. What I felt while watching this duet was something higher than that which can be expressed in words, it is difficult to articulate the invisible. What I can say is that I have not been able to get this piece out of my mind, the images were gentle and yet this gentle, almost fragile quality is what seemed to pack the hardest punch. My (incredibly emotional) response to the work is a credit to the power of images; with no discernible narrative or ‘story’, more an evocation of a sensibility, a feeling, a memory, it is to the images of the work to make me feel something. And feel something I did.' - Review by Jack Ward


Created by artistic director, Anthony Lo-Giudice and performed by Anthony and dance artist, Alex Rowland the piece is a window into the prejudice same-sex couples experience when they show affection in public. Dressed in mortal black, L’uomo begins with one dancer standing behind the other, moving his hands through the intimate gap between his lover’s arms and waist to unbutton a part of his shirt and playfully articulate his hands as if he is a puppeteer animating his lover’s body.

The duo moves with the same insouciance of the tide that’s aware time is slipping away with every wave that curls to the shore, enjoying these touches yet accepting they will come to an end. Loss sticks in the atmosphere. The movement maintains the same cadence throughout, with furtive touches contrasted with weightless, climactic lifts...'  - Review by Katie Hagen for Dance Journal


Creative Team

Choreography: Anthony Lo-Giudice

Dramaturgy: Vivien Wood

Dancers: Anthony Lo-Giudice and Alex Rowland

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Filming: Darren O'Kane

Photography: Chris Davis, Alessandra Finelli and Scott Miller

Made with support from:

Arts Council England

Pride World Media

Northumberland Arts Development

Coventry Cathedral/Coventy Pride

Curious Festival

SIRF Festival

Dance City

Lawrence Batley Theatre

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Movimentale Festival Napoli

Greenwhich + Docklands International Festival
Without Walls Consortium