Dance City BTEC: Desire

‘Wanting to test desire is nothing more than a ruse to get what we want without admitting that we want it’ -André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name.
In this piece, Anthony has worked with the students to devise a piece of movement that explores what love means to them as young people. The choreography weaves in and out of brief narratives that explores sexuality and physical extremities of softness, aggression, working as a team, in a duet and being alone, culminating in an overall structure that is designed to both challenge the group and give them a moment to be free as individual young artists.


Wercas Folk and Dance4Fun: Moving Song

Choreography/Direction: Virginia Kennedy and Sandra Kerr

Performed as a curtain raiser for our 2017 North of England tour of Savages at Alnwick Playhouse and Holy Island, Moving Song was inspired by elements of Savages, adding a blend of the historical and modern folk songs of Northumberland, layered with contemporary dance.

Wercas Folk and Dance4Fun were brought together with the support of Lo-Giudice Dance and Northumberland Arts Development to enable the two groups to join forces and experience devising work, sharing the stage with a professional company and touring work. Following on from the success of this project, both groups have continued to work together on various projects.