February 24, 2021

The notion of what it means to belong and feel a sense of belonging has always lurked within the shadows of my work as an artist. Overtime, I have come to accept the beauty and benevolence of the strange circumstances that my upbringing had thrust upon me. On reflection, I don’t feel I live within some darkened veil of the past, but I certainly cannot talk about who I am without acknowledging the impact my parent's lives had upon my youth. Their lack of concealing any pain acquired from their breakup and its inevitable messy aftermath has subsequently provided some long-term benefits. I’ve learnt sometimes vocalizing emotion is tacky and crass and selfish, and sometimes it is absolutely the essential of navigating ones way through life. I have my parents to thank for that and in some strange way, I am glad they are not together. Their failings created a tough outer shell that I can armour myself with in times of need.

Though I do question what my life would be if they had worked things out between them… 


Antonio Lo-Giudice and Linda Riley_ Grot


In this blog, Anthony asked his parents the same set of questions and gave them the freedom write their memories of each other as they chose. 

This formed the starting point of the Research and Development of Roma 2020.



November 18, 2019

During our time in the studio creating L'uomo, we were joined on several occasions by local artist Alastair Sibbald.

In this blog, we share some of Alastair's images from his time with us.



July 20, 2019

'Icelandic people are some of the friendliest people in the world. They have acclimatized to an often-harsh landscape with an open and warming attentiveness that cultivates a naturally safe environment to be around.

A tonic for the anxious artist...'

In this blog, Artistic Director Anthony reflects on our recent performances as part of Reykjavik Fringe Festival and the nerves of getting back on stage.



August 13, 2018

I believe one of the most human of instincts we have is to love. To find someone to belong to and have them belong to you. Love in all its guises subjugates our reason for being. That is my opinion. That is my truth. Almost every benchmark in my life thus far has been bookmarked with someone I have belonged to, someone I wanted to be with, or someone who was no longer mine.  Pinnacle moments seem to include someone who broke my heart and someone who mended it again. So once again, i'm back to the blueprint of making a new work and i'm adding the cornerstone that precedes over all of my artistic inventions. Love. But, unlike my previous work, i'm looking at something a little closer to home.

In this blog, Artistic Director Anthony reflects on personal experiences of holding hands in public and the influence it has on L'uomo.



June 6, 2018

'The smell of sweaty pavements in the burning sun and the myriad of crumbling grandeur and modern bustle lay the scene for everyday life. People push and pull, they shout and they laugh, they almost run you over and they seem to have no notion of time keeping, but their charm is utterly magnetic. Their gesture, warmth and touch are resplendent.'

In this blog, Artistic Director Anthony reflects on our recent residency at Interno5Start in Naples and the current stages of L’uomo R+D.