Anthony lo-giudice

creative director

‘ive always had an insatiable intrigue in the human psyche. I suppose my upbringing and own experiences of the world have opened up a lot of questions about the reality of love and hate which have subconsciously intertwined themselves in my work today as a dance maker.  

Lo-Giudice Dance to me acts as conduit for my own understanding of humanity, mortality and divinity, channelled through the exploration of fantasy and flesh, romance and fear, spirituality and the human body. Hopefully my creations provide others with some understanding or connection to their own lives, if not to just provide a medium of enjoyment and escapism.

It aims to be life and movement, soulful and physically evocative.'


Anthony is an independent dance practitioner based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Born in 1986 in Palermo, Anthony was brought up in the North of England and raised in a mixed English/Italian upbringing. After completing training at Newcastle College, the se.s.ta coaching choreographers program in Czech Republic (under the mentorship of Jean Christophe Pare - director of the Ministry of Culture in Marseilles) and The Royal Ballet School, Anthony created Lo-Giudice Dance. 

As well as being firmly routed in the North East of England, Anthony’s work with Lo-Giudice Dance has connected with audiences across Europe throughout Italy, the UK, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Spain and France. Anthony was former associate artist at Dance City and was previously mentored by Neville Campbell, Liv Lorent (Ballet Lorent) and spent time during 2015 at Dansenshus Oslo and the Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns in Stockholm with Scandinavia’s most prominent choreographers to develop his practice. 

As a dancer Anthony has worked with notable artists and companies such as Neville Campbell, Vivien Wood, Colletivo NADA/Antonello Tudisco and Surface Area Dance Theatre. Anthony also teaches extensively across the North East, UK and Europe. 

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